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At Patanjali Japan Foundation, we combine techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition to solve specific problems across men & women’s health, everyday wellness, chronic ailments and mental health.

Patanjali Japan Foundation’s team of global experts is rigorously trained on the AYUSH curriculum, to bring to you the best practices for your individual needs.

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Our Trending Yoga Courses

Patanjali Japan Foundation providing the various short term and long term yoga courses and yoga classes as per your situation.

Mental health course is specially designed to remove stress and enhance productivity in day to day lifestyle…

Women’s health course is specially designed for those having periods pain, irregularity, pregnancy, PCOS and other day to day lifestyle problems…

Our yoga, meditation & nutrition experts provide you with specially curated solutions to make overall wellness a bigger part of your daily life.

Our yoga, meditation & nutrition experts provide you with specially curated solutions to manage diabetes, high BP, and other chronic illnesses.

Yoga for corporates is specially designed for the corporate people who are doing sitting jobs more than 6-8 hours. Enhance productivity & much more..

Specially designed program for school and college students & teenagers  for mental and physical wellbeing to enhance their performance…

Live & Interactive
Yoga & Meditation Classes.
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Our Other Programs & Events

Don’t miss the special events and perks on health & lifestyle.

Monthly interactive session is conducted once in a month on huge demand and trending topics by our yogis..

Be the part of the biggest celebration of International day of Yoga 2023. Reserve your seat now and get free sparks…

We conduct daily free of cost stress management pranayama session in the morning @ Japan time 07:00 AM. JST

Voice Of Yogis

Let’s find out the Voice of Yogis, We received more than 1000+ Reviews a few are below:

Other Voice of Yogis

Don’t miss the special events and perks on health & lifestyle.

I could get to know how to refresh my mind through Yoga, and especially I can reset my brain by deep breathing. I would like to do Yoga as a part of my life style.
White Belt Yogi
By practicing yoga every morning, I can get to work and play in a very positive mood.
White Belt Yogi
Mind and body seems to be in sync. Energy level is always high! No petty issues like cold, or body pain, and I am not worried traveling in train as I know my immunity is boosted with Pranayama!
Kesari Belt Yogi

Why Choose Patanjali Japan Foundation

Let’s take a short overview on PJF yoga classes.

Our Experianced Yoga teachers

Every teacher is certified by the MINISTRY OF AYUSH  or equivalent curriculum and have more than 10+ years of yoga teaching experience. We have more than 30+ yoga specialist teachers with different specialty & regions.

Ashutosh Singh

Stress Management Specialist
Chief Sewa Officer (PJF)

Dhanashree Date

Meditation & Chakra Healing
Yoga Instructor

Suhani Kudwa

Corporate Wellness Expert
Yoga Instructor

Aman Kandari

Yoga & Fitness Expert
Yoga Instructor

Sara Miyama

Karma Yoga & Philosophy Specialist
Yoga Teacher

Past Year Summary Videos

Don’t miss out on our captivating past year summary videos, encapsulating the highlights and milestones that defined our journey.

Most Awaited Interviews & More

Finally the most awaited interview is live. Ashutosh Sensei & Harshit San had an fantastic interview together. 


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