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The 3 Best Yoga Poses for Celebrating Motherhood with Yoga

The 3 Best Yoga Poses for Celebrating Motherhood with Yoga

As a mother and a yogi, it’s difficult to find time to practice yoga among the responsibilities of motherhood. However, it is critical to find something that recognizes all that you do!

Whether you’re a yogi or not, and whether you’re a mother or not, these poses are the best way to honor motherhood, womanhood, and the everyday heroism of the strong women in your life.



Postpartum Precautions

Doctors usually suggest six weeks of recovery time following a vaginal birth and longer following a caesarean. You can resume yoga once your health provider has given you the all-clear and there is no significant bleeding. Seek medical attention if you notice a significant increase in bleeding, especially if it is accompanied by a rapid heart rate or dizziness.

If you practiced prenatal yoga, you most likely learned the importance of listening to your body and not pushing yourself too hard. Be gentle with yourself as you ease back into your yoga practice.

If you’re breastfeeding, you might feel uneasy lying on your stomach or in poses that squash your chest, such as knees, chest, and chin. During prone sequences, you can always ask the teacher for another pose or make your own substitution.



Yoga Makes Recovery Quicker

Even though there was physical pain after the delivery, yoga and meditation played an important role in relaxing my mind and assisting women to settle within. Postnatal yoga provided women with tremendous support in dealing with the emotions.

Females are experiencing and developing the strength that enabled me to care for theirselves as well as their baby. Doctors usually advise women to avoid yoga postures for the first six months after giving birth. As a result, women should begin with meditation and pranayama as soon as they are able to sit comfortably.



Say Goodbye to Post-delivery Weight Gain with Yoga

It’s a difficult time for most women who have to deal with the aftereffects of pregnancy, such as weight gain, muscle sagging, joint pain, backache, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, and weakness due to some deficiency.

With regular yoga practices (Padma Sadhana and Surya Namaskar) after six months of my delivery, I was able to lose weight! Also, I would say, since I started practicing yoga regularly a little while before I got pregnant, I did not have too many health issues, either during pregnancy or after. Yoga and meditation made life so much easier for me, despite a C-section.



Warrior 2 Pose (Virabhadrasana 2)

Warriors are a symbol of power in yoga. Warrior 2, also known as Virabhadrasana 2, helps you to ground yourself, release tension in your hips, and open your chest. This pose is not only beautiful, but it also allows you to focus on the present moment and show off your strength as the warrior that you are!

Steps to do Warrior 2 Pose (Virabhadrasana 2)

  1. Standing tall in front of your mat, take a step back with your left foot, parallel to the back of the mat.
  2. Bend deeply into your right knee, allowing the knee to come directly over the ankle (if necessary, lengthen or shorten your stance!).
  3. Open your hips to the side, cross your arms over your legs, and look down at your right fingertips.
  4. Feel powerful, beautiful, and the burn in your legs! Make sure to do this pose on both sides.

warrior Pose 2



Goddess Pose (Deviasana)

Goddess pose, or Deviasana, is essential for all women, mothers, and mothers-to-be! The hips are an important structure for women because they not only carry life, but also store a lot of stress. This pose relieves hip tension and stress while displaying pure power in your lower and upper body.

Steps to do Goddess Pose (Deviasana)

  1. Take a wide stance, heels in, toes out.
  2. Bend your knees, keeping them over your ankles, and try to get your thighs parallel to the mat.
  3. Raise your arms as if they were goal posts (or as flexed arms).
  4. As you recognize your power as a woman and a true goddess, strengthen your legs and open your hips!

goddess pose



Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Sukhasana, or easy pose, is a relaxing seated position. A position that, as a mother, you rarely find yourself in for an extended period of time! Easy pose is a peaceful, patient, and reflective pose. A pose that allows you to find peace and calm in the midst of motherhood’s never-ending to-do list.

Steps to do Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

  1. Place yourself in a comfortable position. In the kitchen, on your bed, or in the middle of a pile of toys.
  2. Bring your palms together at the heart centre and spend as much time as you can relaxing your body, slowing your breaths, and clearing your mind of any worry or stress.
  3. On your inhales, breathe in positivity, and on your exhales, expel any anxiety. This one should be practised as often as possible!

Easy Pose (Sukhasana)


Being a mother is not easy. It’s also difficult to find ME time. But, whether you’re with your kids, surrounded by toys, or in the middle of cleaning dishes, take a moment out of your day to honour the strong women in your life.

Moms not only bear the weight of the world, but they also make the world go round. Allow yoga to celebrate everything you do, to inspire you to stay strong, and to enable you to effortlessly make it all happen!


Note: All the asanas and pranayama should be performed under the guidance of your certified yoga teacher.

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