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Asana: Anatomical and Physiological Value

Theme : Asana: Anatomical and Physiological Value

Why Join "Asana: Anatomical and Physiological Value" Interactive Session

Asana is one of the most popular practices in Yoga and it has huge benefits for improving our physical health.

However, many people misunderstand Asana to be just twisting the body in some difficult shape. Asana does not have to be painful and we can start from right where we are according to our body pattern.

In this session let’s focus on understanding the connection between physical asana, muscular structure and brain.

Learn About Physical & Mental Growth After Post Covid

How Asanas Help Strengthen Muscles

How Yoga Asanas Increase body awareness and mindfulness

Asanas And Mental Strength

How Yoga Can Help Strengthen Brain Connection

How Yoga Asanas Can Manage Our Routine in a Better Way

About the Guest Speaker

Our all guest speakers are Highly experienced in Health, Ayurveda & Fitness Industry .

Genboku Sensei is one of our valuable teachers, who has been teaching Zen-Yoga for about 40 years.

He started his practice at the age of 19 at master Wakamiya’s Ashram, “Life Exploration through Yoga-Zen” and continued until he was 40.

Since 2015, Genboku sensei has been teaching at the University of Tsukuba GGEC (Graduate General Education Courses) Yoga Course with Prof. Randeep, as part of TIAS’s social contribution project, Yoga for All.

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About the Program

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Through this session, you will understand how body (Muscular Structure) and brain are connected.

Let’s understand how, yawning which is considered as a sign of laziness is in fact our body’s mechanism to improve concentration.

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