Daily Yoga Routine with Human Interaction (Online and Offline)

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Post COVID Lifestyle - Holistic Yogic Approach

Yogic Approach: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social and Spiritual Aspects

Why To Join "Post COVID Lifestyle - Holistic Yogic Approach" Interactive Session

Yogic practice is not only for physical fitness. Also, it is not only the physical exercise. It contains the tremendous varieties of exercise for Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social and Spiritual Aspects of our personality.

Yoga is explained as unification of body, mind & soul. 

Thus, Yogic practice contains ethical disciplines related to our physical posture, breath control, meditation, cleansing exercise, etc., that eventually leads to withdrawal of our senses. 

This year we will be introducing all these practices in our Interactive Sessions one by one with special guest teachers. 

We sincerely hope these Interactive Sessions will help us get the idea of unlimited potential of Yoga practice as a way of life.

Holistic Yogic Approach - Post COVID

Learn Pranayam (Breath Control) & Bandhas (Breath Locks)

Overview of Upcoming Interactive Sessions

Know How to Maintain Stability While Meditating

Know the Asanas From the Anatomical Point of View

Know Your Guest Teachers

About the Program

Let's find out more about the program

We are coming into the post-Covid period. These few years we have been experiencing lots of changes in our lifestyle. We all have faced various challenging situations during this period. As Mahārishi Patanjali said, Heyaṃ duḥkaṃ Anāgataṃ.

Through Yoga, we can create a better environment for the human race. Yoga can help us to prevent our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual challenges and gain health and well-being. Holistic Yogic Approach is what we need during such times.

All our challenging situations will be transformed into an amazing opportunity through Yoga!! 

Voice Of Yogis​

Let's find out the Voice of Yogis, We received more than 1000+ Reviews a few are below:

About the Guest Speaker

Our all guest speakers are Highly experienced in Health, Ayurveda & Fitness Industry .

Dhanashree Date is a well known face in Authentic Yoga industry. She has specialization in Meditative practices & Chakra Healing. 

She has completed Graduation with German major from S.P. College- Pune, India. & also she is Certified yoga instructor of YMC school- Shinjuku, Japan. She has been a resident of Japan for past 22 years and has been actively conducting kids and adult yoga classes in Japanese and English.


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