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Let's Improve Depression, Bipolar Disorder & Mental Disease by Yoga

Meet AYUSH certified experts and instructor live, & get the all answers about your mental health. And learn to live the healthy lifestyle by yourself.

Why We Should Join Yoga For Bipolar Disorder Event

Learn About Your Physical & Mental Growth

How Yoga Helps To Boost Your Mental Energy

How Yoga Increases Your body awareness and mindfulness

Bipolar Disorder Prevention Through Yoga

How to Control Bipolar Disorder in Early Stages

Set Right Routine & Set of Diet Plan for Stress-free life

About the Program

This 60-minute webinar explores proper way to do Yoga & Meditation correctly, In order to overcome from depression and bipolar disorder.

This 60-minute webinar includes demonstrations of stress, bipolar disorder specific breathing and centering tools to help yourself calm down, focus, chill-out and relax.

Techniques & yoga poses to regulate energy levels will also be demonstrated – learn how to uplift and energize tired, and harness/release excess energy.

Upon completion, participants will be able to identify:

  • Identify the benefits of mindful breathing (pranayama) & yoga to cure depression and bipolar disorder.
  • Identify how can yoga contribute to patients of the diseases?
  • How early you should start doing yoga for prevention ?
  • How much time yoga will will take to move us from stress ?

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