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Overview on Meditation

Let’s learn the importance of Meditation.

Why We Should Join Overview Mediation (Chakra, Nāda, Samatha and Vipassanā etc.,) Interactive Session

To overcome mental stress, emotional instability, meditation practice must be practiced daily.

Attending the Interactive sessionon meditation offers a gateway to inner peace and mindfulness, helping you navigate life’s challenges with a clear and focused mind. Learn powerful techniques from seasoned experts that can reduce stress, enhance well-being, and cultivate a harmonious work-life balance. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey towards improved mental clarity and emotional resilience.

We will learn how meditation works on physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of our personality. Actually, meditation is the most important practice in Yoga. Unless until we practice Meditation, we cannot reach the goal of Yoga. You will learn the culmination of Yoga in this Interactive Session.

About the Program

Let's find out more about the program

We are learning what is meditation, concept of meditation and its varieties in this Interactive Session.

There are various varieties of meditation techniques in the world such as Chakra, Nāda, Samatha and Vipassanā etc.,. You can adopt any meditation practice according to your choice.

In this Interactive Session, some of the techniques are introduced and you can choose any of them for your daily practice.

Voice Of Yogis​

Let's find out the Voice of Yogis, We received more than 1000+ Reviews a few are below:

About the Guest Speaker

Our all guest speakers are Highly experienced in Health, Ayurveda & Fitness Industry .

Todo Sensei is a well known face in Authentic Yoga industry. He has completed the various advanced yoga certifications from top prior institutes. He is teaching yoga and meditation more than 10+ years ago. 

The yoga and meditation guest teacher brings a profound experiential journey to their teachings, honed through years of dedicated practice and exploration. His rich background encompasses diverse traditions, infusing classes with a unique blend of mindfulness and physical harmony. Engage in their guidance to immerse yourself in an authentic and transformative yogic experience.


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