Daily Yoga Routine with Human Interaction (Online and Offline)

"Yoga is a journey of experience. "

Suhani Kudwa

Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor, Patanjali Japan Foundation


Yoga Journey:

More than 10 Years



Corporate Wellness Expert



  • M.A Philosophy 
  • Diploma in Medical
  • Yoga from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai 
  • Chess Arbiter, Japan 
  • Black Belt, Ni-dan, GojuRyu Karate 



  • Hindi
  • English
  • Japanese



  • Playing drums
  • Chess and Karate 

“Yoga is a journey which starts and ends with you.”


Yoga is a way of life,which is difficult to describe unless you experience it. It is a life long journey of understanding yourself. Asana or physical movement is just a part of the entire process.

The most catchy phrase of Yoga according to me is Abhaysa (practice) and Vairagya (Let go). That is to say keep practicing until you achieve your goal and once you have achieved let go don`t dwell upon it. This as a human being is very difficult to practice.

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